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I was really looking forward to making this, I even splurged on some really nice yarn but it hasn’t turned out as planned and now I don’t know what to do about it.
This is the waist-cincher top from Knitting Lingerie Style in Rowan Alpaca Cotton. I selected the appropriate size and checked my gauge, but this has come out far too small. It would seem that the design was constructed with the flat chested woman in mind, hence the photo does not have me in it. This is a real shame as the yarn is absolutely gorgeous, I mean deliciously soft and fuzzy and warm.

waist-cincher top

It is sooo soft and pretty but alas, far too small

First lesson learned: fight my own impatient nature and always check the pattern details on Ravelry. If I’d done this, I would have seen before casting on that many people have experienced the same issues with this pattern that I have regarding bodice length, fit around the bust etc. I would also have seen the designer’s errata regarding the fake bust darts and her suggestions for altering the pattern to accomodate a larger bust.
So now I find myself in something of a quandary, I’m really not good at frogging garments once I have seamed them without cutting into stitches, but maybe I should just unravel it all and begin again, maybe going up a size and incorporating the designer’s suggestions. Or maybe I will find someone petite enough who likes it and they can have it. Either way, I’m pretty upset about this knit. So far, I haven’t gotten along very well with this book.

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