Evil Bear

Jennifer   October 25, 2010   9 Comments on Evil Bear

My first knitted bear from a free pattern by Debbie Bliss found through Ravelry. Finally I have managed to get through all of this mystery blue yarn with this little ‘cuddly’ bear.

knit teddy bear

A simple garter stitch bear, my first attempt at a knit toy

The pattern was relatively clear to follow, I could have done with more instruction on how to attach the limbs and the size to cut the features. The pattern recommends cutting out some black felt and stitching onto the bear but without a template I didn’t trust myself so I embroidered the nose and attached buttons for eyes, so I have ended up with a Coraline-esque ‘other bear’.
I may redo the features at some point as I think the bear is looking kind of evil at the moment. What do you think?
A garter stitch knit bear

evil? on drugs? I'm not sure about these facial features

9 thoughts on “Evil Bear

  1. lulu

    aw its lovely! would i be able to ask you a cheeky favour?? alys baby is due in feb. anyway you would be able to make a lil ink one????xxx

  2. Jennifer Post author

    I will see what I can do, hopefully I’ll make some better features next time. I moved your comments from post called teddy bear something or other, I don’t know where that came from :S

  3. Alana

    Hi there,
    I saw your bear on Ravelry and thought it was gorgeous. I went searching everywhere for the pattern but found that it had been removed from the site as well. I’ve even put the book on hold at my library but its not available for at least another month, so thank you so much for linking back to the original pattern. I’ve bookmarked, saved and printed it just to be sure I can’t loose it!

  4. Emma

    I am trying to follow this pattern and am stuck on the body where you are told to “cont in garter st and inc 1 st at each end of next row and 6 full 6th rows.” can you help? TY

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hi yes, you need to do the same thing (increase one stitch at each end of row) every 6th row 6 more times. So, knit 5 rows even, then knit an increase row, then another 5 rows even, then an increase row and so on. Hope this helps


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