Amigurumi HK Devil

Jennifer   January 24, 2011   No Comments on Amigurumi HK Devil

I have quite a bit of yarn leftover from all the christmas gift crafting I did, odd balls of bright colours. This Hello Kitty devil was a quick project to try and use up some of that yarn.

crochet hello kitty devil

the little devil does have a little pink nose, but I was having issues with lighting when taking the picture

The pattern was free on Ravelry by AP crafts, I think she’s quite cute for a little devil although my proportions maybe a bit off and I don’t think she’s very kitty like really. Also I still have a lot of odd yarn leftover, so expect the next few posts to be mainly stash busting projects as I have decreed that I will buy no more yarn til I have reduced my stash by half which is really unfair as I got the new stitch n bitch superstar knitting book which is full of sooooo many things I want to make!

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