A Quick Fix

Jennifer   March 13, 2011   1 Comment on A Quick Fix

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been really busy, this has been my first free weekend at home for aaaaages! My list of craft projects that I want to get done has been growing at a crazy rate throughout this time, I know it’s crazy, even if I was a woman of leisure I’d stilll never be able to get everything on it made, but well, I seem to have crafty projects on the brain at all times. So, to ease me back into things, I wanted a project with a bit of immediate satisfaction, so I made these two cushion covers.


New cushion covers for my living room sofas not the sofa in the picture

I’ve been wanting to change the cushions in my living room, so expect to see a few more cushion posts in the future, as it is, this weekend I just made these two. The fabric is from My Folklore by Lecien and is from Fabric Rehab. I am a sucker for anything in the Scandinavian style (due in no small part to my fiance being half Swedish I guess, but not totally) and as soon as I saw this fabric print featuring Dala horses, I knew I wanted it! The front panel of the cushions uses the Dala Horse fabric and the back panel is made from the folk garland print. While envelope cushions would have been easier and probably have cut the sewing time down by a quarter. I need all the practice with sewing in zips that I can get so they are closed with a centred zip along the top of the cushion and I have to admit to being pretty pleased with my zip insertion this time round, dare I say it but I think I’m getting pretty close to getting the hang of them!
dala horse fabric print

Here's a close up of the Dala Horse print, you may recognise the Horse from my christmas gift tags post

garland fabric close up

Here's a close up of the garland fabric used for the cushion backs, so pretty!

I am pleased with these cushion covers, I think they are so pretty but now I need to find a fabric design for my four remaining cushions on my living room sofas, the current ones are looking a bit tired next to these lovely new covers. I am even thinking about maybe applique or embroidery for the next ones, I’m sure my Scandinavian Needlecraft book can help me on that front!

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