Hand Me Downs

Jennifer   April 5, 2011   No Comments on Hand Me Downs

It must be the season for spring cleaning, because recently my mum and my boyfriend’s mum have both offered me boxes of their old patterns. Knitting patterns from my mum, they came from a collectible series called Creative Knitting and they are amazing 😀 like really really.

creative knitting files

two big ring binders full of knitting goodness

sample page

nice collection of knitting techniques that will never cease to be useful

My boyfriend’s mum gave me some sewing patterns, some dating from the 60s, some in Swedish (there seems to have been a really cool Swedish sewing magazine) and they are so much fun.

I have uploaded a few photos of these to share with you, but there are many, many more in the box and they’re just too good for the tip, so I will treasure them and you never know, make some of them, I am strangely tempted by some of these 80s jumpers, the little girl in the cherries jumper also reminds me a little bit of young me.

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