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Well hello there, I know it’s been a while since my last post but I seem to have been suffering from a bad case of being unable to finish anything lately. So this post is a bit of a round up of some of those projects. I guess I could also use the excuse of it being the summer and I have been busy with concerts and birthdays and holidays and weddings and such, which would also be true, but the fact remains that these projects remain unfinished and have been this way for a while.

So first up, we have my attempt at making some garden furniture cushions. I was fed up with dragging the cushions from the sofa in the living room outside every time I wanted to enjoy the sunshine so I raided my stash and came up with these!

bench cushions

But wait - they look kind of complete to me!

I know these look kind of finished, but see, in my garden I have this bench and two chairs and on my last trip to Ikea I was unable to carry all the cushion pads I needed home on the train so I class this project as unfinished. Just these three cushions have made a huge difference to our outdoor comfort though. Here, have a close up of the middle cushion which I embroidered with a pattern from the brilliant Urban Threads.

close up of embroidered cushion

hmm cushion is looking a little lumpy, maybe I shouldn't have been sprawled all over it just before taking the picture

Here is a picture of one of the unfinished cushions, also using a design from Urban Threads, although this one still needs a little embroidery I ran out of floss, also I still need to stitch the back together.

butterfly embroidered cushion

hmmm maybe I should have got out the iron before taking this one

So that’s our backs taken care of, but I have to admit, when you spend all day outside the seat can also become a little uncomfortable, so I decided to make some seatpads for the bench and chairs. Again I went to my stash and started cutting away and I decided to try my hand at some patchwork after finding a tutorial on Whip Up about a quick and easy way to create your Half Square Triangles. Now I have to admit, I got pretty carried away making these squares and didn’t have any particular pattern in mind, but after having a play these are what I came up with.

bench seat pad

I'm kinda chuffed with it so far

chair seat pad

and for the chairs (I have made 2)

Now these are obviously unfinished, I need to add a border and I can’t decide between a thick batting or a thin foam for the inside and I need to choose a fabric for the backing. I don’t know when exactly these will get finished, I received an extremely comfortable sun lounger as a birthday present, so the urgency has kind of worn off. Hopefully I will get them all finished up in time for next summer.

So far all materials have come from my stash, they are all curtain remnants or off cuts and so they have proven an extremely cheap make, so I don’t feel quite so bad about them being unfinished.

I have one more unfinished project to share with you and that’s this embroidery (again using a pattern from Urban Threads – I’m willing to admit I might have a bit of an addiction developing here).

girl embroidery

Who are you? The Ironing Police? Jeesh!

I like the simplicity and the restricted colour palette I’ve tried to use here, relying instead on little areas of texture with the satin stitch to provide some interest. I think I may turn this into a cushion cover, I am toying with the idea of a patchwork frame around her and then picking one of those fabrics for the backing. I have a similar pattern (you know where from) so I may stitch that one up too and then finish it in the same way to make a pair of cushions.

Ok, so I think that just about rounds up our catch up, I do have a few more projects on the go at the moment, so hopefully it won’t be so long between posts. Bye for now!

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