Simple Embroidered Summer Dress

The pattern for this super simple dress is f rom Christine Haynes’ Chic and Simple Sewing. I love this book, perfect for the beginner sewer looking to get into dressmaking, there are no zips to insert and yet everything remains perfectly wearable yea!
I know the post title says summer dress and as you can see the dress is black, but I do tend to wear a fair amount of black in the summer to make myself look a bit more tanned :D.
I had this plain black cotton in my fabric stash, along with the elastic. This dress was super quick to knock up. I then embroidered the bird at the top, also from my home supplies, the pattern is from my Sublime Stitching Craft Pad. The only thing I had to buy was the trim at the bottom, and I think that came to under £1.50!
I like this dress, it is something quick and easy to throw on on a summers day with a pair of flip flops and I feel good in it.

black strapless dress

Chic and Simple and Sublime, the perfect crafting combo

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