Crochet Crazy

Jennifer   March 20, 2012   No Comments on Crochet Crazy

Wow it’s been quite some time since my last post!  I have been very lazy about photographing projects I guess as well as working on a couple of top secret projects that are taking some time to complete.

Here is some stuff that I can show you.  In an attempt to cut down on my spending on crafty projects I decided to attempt some stash busting and went granny square or crochet block mad.  It turns out I am terrible at keeping a gauge with crochet so while most of these squares were made using double knit yarn and the same size hook, they all came out different sizes, still, the practice was good and my yarn chest was cleared out a bit (although not much).  I guess I may get round to trying to stitch these squares together and stitching to fabric to create some cushion covers at some point and please excuse all the yarn ends that need working in, my least favourite part!

I discovered I like crocheting bobbles, I really enjoyed making the bow square

this yarn was a gift from South America and will definitely get made into a cushion cover

This colour combination feels rather regal to me

My first attempt at a flower motif, it was tricky trying to understand the whole chaining behind stitches thing but I'm pretty pleased

I really love these ones, if I can get just one more square, these will make a really cute cushion cover

And this I made last night, just to keep my fingers busy, no pattern or anything a bowl for I don't know what yet

I have also sewn a dress, knit a cardigan, a tunic and a camisole but I have been waiting for the weather to warm up before taking the photos, I’m still in heavy jumper wearing mode at the moment, but Spring is here so hope to post soon!

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