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This project has been complete for a while and I’ve worn it loads but light, timing and having someone around to photograph all combined to make it difficult to blog about it, but I like it so much that I figured better late than never even if I am a terrible photographer, you’ll get the idea.


I was given a copy of Indigo by Kim Hargreaves for my birthday, you can see the patterns here. I pretty much love them all. I also happened to get some gift vouchers for my local yarn store (always a much appreciated gift! :D). So, for once in my life I could afford the actual yarn specified in the pattern book woo! I was immediately drawn to Sand, being a fan of slash necks.

Sand sweater

From the book, doesn’t it look great? I was itching to get started

Not a fan of the colour but that’s what’s great about knitting, you see something you like, you can make it in whatever colour you want! Also not a great fan of knitting with cotton or really just knitwear made from cotton in general, but this was Rowan handknit cotton specified which seemed to be a bit difficult to substitute gauge wise and it was the height of summer so finding a nice yarn not cotton in my local store was also difficult. They just can’t keep all yarns available at all times in their limited space, no matter how much I would like them to :S.

In the end I plumped for one of my favourite colourways, an auberginey plummy kind of colour (seems to be what I’m drawn to when I’m trying to not use blue or black). I like quite dark colours but it seemed this was still light enough to show the stitch pattern. I got to work and this is the result.

Sand sweater hanging

I’m a truly terrible photographer and these pictures probably don’t do the jumper justice, I am really pleased with it, it is boxy and large but it is perfect for throwing on when a summer night turns a bit chilly. Maybe this picture is a bit better.

This is my first Kim Hargreaves pattern even though I usually lust after every pattern book she releases and I enjoyed the knitting experience. The pattern instructions were clear, handy diagrams to help me determine which size I would like to make and the stitch pattern of just knit and purl stitches was easy enough to memorise and allow me to watch tv while knitting but just complex enough to keep it interesting. I really like the textured effect and it is put to use in a couple of other patterns in the book, so I’m sure we will meet again.

close up of the stitch pattern, nice huh?

so, this is my Sand. I like it lots. I would love it but I’m still not a fan of cotton knitting and I hope to make it again maybe in a nice soft wool cotton but first I have the rest of the patterns in Indigo to work through!

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