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Jennifer   November 6, 2012   No Comments on A half post

This will probably be my last post for a while (due to the secrecy concerning some gifty projects) and it’s not even a post concerning a finished project!

Continuing with my stash-busting, scrap reducing kick and a love for patchwork (although it doesn’t always seem to love me) I worked a way for about a week on this crib-sized/lap-sized quilt top. Which I have to say I am extremely pleased with.

I loves it!

I think this kind of quilt pattern is known as ‘endless stair’ I’m not sure. What I do know is that I really really like this quilt top, again using my favourite colourways, berryish and blue. I’m also pretty pleased that most of my seams are pretty closely matched so I have made progress on my patchwork learning curve! šŸ˜€

It will be a while before I finish this because my time in now being taken up with christmas gift crafting, but also because I am kind of contemplating giving machine quilting a go (I have only hand quilted before) but I really don’t know whether my machine will take it, it really doesn’t seem to have a lot of oomph, so I will need to find some time to have a practice on some scraps first. I am terrified of ruining something I already like a lot with doing the key component of a quilt i.e. the actual quilting badly.

Anyone have any machine quilting tips? My machine is a little Cooper Limited Edition that doesn’t really like thick fabrics or too many layes, should I just hand quilt it? Also, what colour threads would you suggest? Or quilting pattern? Do you think something like a stitch in the ditch approach would be best because of all the straight(ish) lines and seams of the quilt top? Aaaargh decisions decisions!

Because I currently love it so much, a near identical pic to the first one!

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