Scandilicious pretzels

This is just a quick post to hopefully help anyone else attempting the pretzels recipe from Scandilicious Baking by Signe Johansen.  I don’t know if this is in all versions of the book, but the recipe in mine is missing a key ingredient. You need to add 300ml of water if you’re ever going to get a dough!

I have to say I am pretty disappointed to come across such an error on the very first recipe I try from the book! That being said, the water issue being resolved I have to say how much I love these pretzels they are delicious and I will definitely be making them again. 


They may not resemble pretzels, I think next time I need to roll the dough much longer and thinner, they puffed up a surprising amount, but they’re still tasty and their roll like appearance has made them fantastic for filling with cheese and other sandwich fillings.
So, once again, remember to add the 300ml of water to get the dough!

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2 thoughts on “Scandilicious pretzels

  1. Alison Whewell

    Thank you! I went to make them today and realised there was no liquid mentioned! This was indeed helpful!


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