I’m Back!

Jennifer   April 26, 2014   No Comments on I’m Back!

Phew, it feels so good to have something to post again because it means I’ve actually found some time to make something! Intellectually I knew that things would have to change regarding the amount of time I could spend on my hobbies and interests after having a baby, but there was no way I could prepare for how that would feel. Even though my time has been filled with looking after an adorable baby boy and I have been more than happy about that, it also feels so, so, so good to have gotten a little bit of my old self back and to have done something crafty.

It has taken ages, little snatches of time between when the baby goes to bed and when I go to bed (very early – as someone who has always enjoyed sleeping, it was thee only way I could cope with the night feeds) but I have finally produced this knitted monster 😀


This is Harold the Houseplant monster, the first monster in the Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger


This was a Christmas gift and is a lovely book filled with simple knitted monsters which will be an excellent way of using up leftover yarns and I look forward to making the baby boy the entire collection.


Whether or not Harold can help me with the houseplants or not remains to be seen, they have been suffering somewhat since the baby came along but now we’re settling into some vague sort of routine or family life, time management is becoming easier.

Anyway, it’s good to be back and I’ve hopefully got a pretty big project to share with you soon, but at the moment it’s top secret!

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