2017 the year of scrap busting 


the centre star flower using up the yellow and orange scraps

My knitting and sewing scraps, not stash, are getting out of control. They’re taking over the house and not in a good way. I have therefore declared 2017 to be the year of scrap busting and have started with this crochet blanket to use up leftover bits of acrylic dk that I have amassed through making toys for my little man.


shades of grey for the next rounds


scraps of colour for the penultimate round to be followed by a white round

The pattern is from 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton and I’m using block 71, the star flower. I’m enjoying the process and being a really good girl and weaving in all the ends as I go, which is soooo much better, I wish I did it all the time! I’m going to do the last round and join each block in white. I think this is going to make a cute throw for the sofa or bed!

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