Bonfire Night Cupcakes

A couple of types of cupcake I made to accompany our bonfire night celebrations, both recipes are from Cookie Girl’s Eat Me and they were quite a success.

First up we have the bonfire cupcakes, a chocolate sponge cupcake flipped upside down, smothered in frosting and covered on matchmakers, snapped and arranged to look like the logs on the bonfire. I got in such a sticky mess trying to decorate these.

bonfire cupcakes

fiery bonfire cupcakes

Next up, we have some toffee apple cupcakes, a lovely moist apple cake covered in melted toffees, and the lolly sticks pushed in the top to make them resemble proper toffee apples. SUper quick to make and ice, I love apple cake.

toffee apple cupcakes

mmmm I love toffee apples and I love apple cake, match made in heaven

2 thoughts on “Bonfire Night Cupcakes

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Apple cakes are usually winners in my book (I may have sampled a small one while it was still warm from the oven, yum yum yum), but the toffee topping is a nice bonus!


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