Searing cardigan


This knitting project was actually started before I fell pregnant and then ended up taking ages to finish as I was too exhausted to even think of knitting for quite some time, then it was never blogged once completed because it didn’t fit the pregnant body. Finally though we’ve turned a corner and here it is!

This is the Searing cardigan from Kim Hargreaves’ Indigo. I am a huge fan of Kim Hargreaves and it takes all my willpower not to buy every single pattern book of hers (I have a similar problem with Louisa Harding). This cardigan was knit with Drops cotton light in navy blue from The Crochet Chain for a grand total of £14, an absolute bargain compared to what it would have cost to make it in the Rowan handknit cotton used in the pattern book.


You can't really see it because of the ill fit but this cardigan has a nice peplum

I’m very pleased with this knit, I haven’t quite gotten my pre-pregnancy body back and I don’t think I bothered blocking this once it was finished which would account for the slightly weird fitting in this picture. Those issues not withstanding though, this cardigan looks far more complicated to knit than it actually was, the pattern repeat was easy to memorise and the effect worth it. Now that I’m not hating this project I think I’ll remove the buttons and put them on properly, these were just grabbed from my button tin on a ‘please let this project be done already’ blitz. Other than that I think this is one of my best knitting projects for some time and I’m itching to start something new.

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