Happy Birthday!

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Finally able to post about this project, a birthday gift for a friend which has now been delivered and opened, so no need to keep quiet! It’s a bit of a chaotic rail fence patchwork cushion, you may have seen one I made before, but this time I took a bit of a gamble on the fabrics. Purchased from Fabric Rehab, I had to hope my monitor wasn’t taking too many liberties with its display of colour as I tried to choose 3 pink based fabrics from different collections. I was also a bit worried about combining so many bold prints, this is the main difficulty I have with patchwork, choosing the fabrics. I keep having to try and steer clear of my tendency towards choosing co-ordinating plains. After all, there are so many fantastic fabrics out there, it would be unfair on them. I think my selection turned out ok in the end although I do keep changing my mind about the gingham.

Rail Fence cushion

'scuse the photo, I took it on my phone but I think you get a fair idea

The backing is a plain pink poly-cotton, not as thick as I would have liked but I couldn’t find a quilting pink in the shade I wanted at my local fabric store. I popped a zip in the top too and I have to say I think it’s my best zip yet!

Fabrics used were:
Love Heart Sweet Candy from Timeless Treasures
Remix Hearts Garden from Ann Kelle
Contton Gingham Baby Pink from Stof

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