Definitely not for the reject bin…

This is my knit rag doll, made from a Debbie Bliss pattern found on Ravlery. Apart from her cool long legs, she’s just like you and me and not for the reject bin (do you remember the 80s cartoon?)
knit rag doll
I’m thinking of calling her Sophie, I don’t know why, she just seems Sophie-ish to me. She was really quick and a pleasure to make, using up little odds and ends of yarn (more stash busting woo!) I think I will probable make more of these in future. The hair did take a long time to stitch on though, maybe I did sew it a little densely, but she seemed odd with little pink patches on her scalp, maybe if I use a thinner yarn next time, although I think she has a lovely head of thick brown hair!
standing rag doll
I love her long stripey legs! All in all I think a pretty successful knit, and here for those of you who don’t remember the 80s cartoon (I have to admit to needing a nudge to remember it myself, I seemed to have merged it with Super Ted in my mind but it was so¬† long ago now) is the intro to Raggy Dolls, maybe it will ring a few bells!

4 thoughts on “Definitely not for the reject bin…

  1. Pam

    Hi there, I am currently knitting this doll. I was wondering if you could help me out with some of the pattern. It asks when making the feet to add ten stitches on mid way through the row. I did this and have been left with a hole, did you get a hole? If not could you please please tell me how you added ten stitches without getting seperation and the hole (which i will have to sew up afterwards)

    kind regards

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hi there,

      I used the backwards loop cast on method for those 10 stitches, not my favourite cast on but it has been transformed since I stumbled on this article on TECHknitting which suggests only casting on 2/3 of the required stitches on the first row then adding the rest on the following row to take up the horrible slack you get with the backwards loop cast on.

      As for the gap, I think this is unavoidable and intentional as you will see in the making up notes on the pattern, you fold and sew these 10 stitches to form the top of the shoe.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Janet skinner

    I have just come across this pattern, no longer available on Ravelry. I would like to make some for our Charity this month. Could you possibly email pattern to me please? I would be most grateful.

    Kind regards,


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