My Lace-Front Sweater

Laced-Front Cardigan from Knitting Lingerie Style
My latest completed knitting project is this cardigan/sweater from Joan McGowan-Micheal’s Knitting Lingerie Style, one of my favourite and most odd knitting pattern books.

I knit this project in Louisa Harding’s Jasmine, a lovely cotton, bamboo, silk and polyester yarn that has a little shimmer due to its metallic threads. I purchased it on sale from Stash Fine Yarns, my main source for Louisa Harding yarns which I just love!

I’m pretty pleased with this project, it was my first attempt at converting a seamed knitting pattern into an entirely seamless pattern (I really loathe having to stitch my knitted pieces together), thanks to the forums on Ravelry I also felt brave enough to attempt to include the set-in sleeves seamlessly. I think it went quite well, the joins are certainly no worse than when I seam separately; although the armholes do seem a bit long for my tastes, this could be a combination of the pattern and the weight of the yarn.

my lace front cardigan

I think I like it, I don't think this photo is doing it justice though

I do really like this cardigan, or I thought I did before this photo, I’m going to say that I look so big in these photos because I asked the boyfriend to close up so you could get an idea of the stitch detail; probably not so important in this instance as this project is a lot of ribbing, with just a few lines interrupted for interest at the cuffs and just above the hem can you make it out? Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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