Cushion with an Outie

Continuing in my quest to get 2 crates of yarn oddments down to 1 crate so that I can purchase the yarn for some of the projects on my wishlist, I present to you the little star cushion with what appears to be a cute little outie belly button 😀

star cushion

cushion with a belly button

Made from some left over Louisa Harding Kimono Angora yarn, I sneezed a lot in the making of this cushion from the high fluffy angora content. This yarn has gone far, it has made a cardigan, a vest and this cushion and I still have 2 skeins left! I didn’t have masses to begin with, it just seems to have good yardage. The pattern was a free one that’s on Ravelry, but I’ve lost the original link and I copied the directions into a plain text file but I think it was this pattern but made to be smaller.

The cushion is a nice little addition to my spare room sofa bed, and the angora does settle down, I won’t be sneezing every time I go near it, which is a good thing as it so soft, it’s difficult to stay away from 😉
Any suggestions for the remaining 2 25g skeins of the Kimono Angora are more than welcome.

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